Send flowers to husband on Tanabata, let your heart beat to witness love

Qixi Festival is Valentine’s Day in China. Although husbands usually give flowers to their wives, or boyfriends give flowers to their girlfriends, loving and caring wives or girlfriends will also want to send flowers to their husbands or boyfriends. For example, if you send flowers to your husband on Qixi Festival, what you send is not only flowers, but also a surprise, and it may be a heartbeat. Giving flowers to your husband on Qixi Festival is also a gift of love. If you send it every year, take a flower and make a bookmark, and watch it together after a few years, how romantic is that!

Do you remember when was the last time your heart beat? Where is the husband? How long has it been since you guys revisited your romantic feelings? Or the feeling of love? Is it because after getting married, the husband and wife have not said "I love you" to each other for a long time after running around and working hard around firewood, rice, oil and salt? Thinking of this, Chinese Valentine's Day is a good time, let's have a date with my husband on this day! I also send flowers to my husband and tell him that I love you very much, and I want to be more responsible and brave than when I fell in love with you before I got married.
Sending flowers on Chinese Valentine's Day, sending flowers to my husband, what kind of flowers should I send?

① deep love

Send flowers to my husband on Chinese Valentine’s Day, and send this bouquet consisting of 11 stems of champagne roses and 2 stems of white lilies with many heads. . Send flowers on Qixi Festival, tell your husband, like and love, I love you more, and love you in every ordinary day. Girls generally seldom confess their love to boys, but once they talk about love, boys will probably be emotional. Husband even more so.

②Love House Eternal Flower Lighting Bluetooth Speaker/Romantic Powder

If you want to give your husband a useful gift and flowers on Chinese Valentine’s Day, then I recommend you to choose this eternal flower light bluetooth speaker. It has flowers and has high ornamental value, and it is also a practical gift. Preserved flower materials include pink roses, hydrangea, etc., which symbolize love as delicate and beautiful as everlasting flowers. There is also a pair of resin dolls, which represent husband and wife, and also symbolize love. Gifted to my husband, it is very memorable.

Send flowers on Qixi Festival, send flowers to your husband on Qixi Festival, let him experience the long-lost heartbeat, and let him feel your love. The role of love is mutual, and the husband and wife express their sincerity to each other, which can promote the orderly and sound development of the married life. For more Tanabata flower bouquet gift selections, please visit us, there will be more surprises waiting for you.

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