How to choose funeral flower cards?

Choosing white flower cards is an important way to express condolences and condolences to the deceased. Here are some suggestions to help you choose the right Birch Flower Card: Consider Family Relationships: When choosing a Birth Flower Card, consider the family relationships of the deceased. For immediate family members, such as spouses, parents or siblings, you can choose large and more ornate flower cards to express your deep condolences for the deceased. Consider the deceased’s preferences: If you know the deceased’s preferences and interests, you can choose relevant themes or flower cards that match their preferences. Such a choice can be closer to the personality and preferences of the deceased, and express respect and longing for them. The meaning of flowers: Different flowers represent different meanings. White flowers are usually a symbol of purity and innocence, such as white lilies and white carnations, which are popular choices. You can choose flowers that represent the characteristics and character of the deceased to express your respect and memory. Consider the size and shape of the flower tiles: Choose the appropriate size and shape of the flower tiles based on the venue and arrangement. Large flower cards are generally suitable for larger indoor venues, while smaller flower cards can be used in more compact venues. Simple or gorgeous flower cards: Depending on the personality of the deceased and the preferences of the family, you can choose simple or gorgeous flower cards. Simple flower cards usually incorporate a small amount of flowers, showing a sense of purity and restraint, while gorgeous flower cards usually use a variety of flowers to express a rich and beautiful atmosphere. Taking the above factors into consideration, you can choose a suitable and sincerely expressive Baishi flower card to express your feelings towardsCondolences and condolences for the deceased.

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