Common flower placement skills at home

Nowadays, more and more people like to decorate their homes with flowers and plants, which can not only improve the temperament of home decoration, but also make people feel comfortable and energetic. However, the placement of flowers and plants in the home also has specific attention. Today, Xiaobian will tell you about the placement of flowers and plants in the home.


Foliage plants, small flower plants and cacti are suitable for the bedroom. Because the bedroom is the most important place in people's family, do not put poisonous or special pungent odor flowers and plants, such as oleander, lycoris, geranium, five-colored plum, etc. Ideal for foliage plants, small flower plants and cacti. Among them, succulents such as cacti are very good choices, because they absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen at night, which has a good effect on improving the air in the bedroom.


The kitchen is the place with the worst air in the whole home, so it is necessary to choose those plants that are tenacious and can purify the air, such as spider plants, green dill, cactus, aloe vera, etc. In addition, because the smoke and dust in the kitchen is very unfavorable for plant growth, it is best to clean the flowers and plants regularly.

living room

The living room is generally a place for family recreation and reception of guests. It is suitable for placing fortune trees, rhododendrons, cyclamen, rubber trees, monstera, cycads, etc., which can form a bright, beautiful and generous atmosphere.


Shade-tolerant and humidity-loving potted plants are best placed in the bathroom. Small foliage ferns or cold water flowers can be placed on the sink; cockscomb and tobacco can help absorb harmful substances released by the glaze of ceramics; while plants such as radish, rose and clivia are good at improving the air quality of the bathroom.


The study room is a place for people to study and think. It is not suitable for placing flowers with strong fragrance or bright colors, such as gardenia, jasmine, milan, lilac, etc. Because colors and fragrances can excite people in a short time, but after a long time, it is easy to aggravate visual fatigue and dull brain, affecting learning efficiency. The placement of leaf-watching plants such as asparagus, palm bamboo, dripping Guanyin, etc., will give people a fresh and refreshing feeling of elegance, cleanliness and comfort.

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