How do you usually create surprises for your girlfriend? The big trick to make women feel sweet!

Women love romance and surprises, no doubt about that. That is, we usually say no or no, but we are actually very happy when we receive the surprise from you. How do you usually create surprises for your girlfriend? A great trick to make women feel sweeter!

Many people like the host of Hunan TV very much. Personally, I like Wang Han very much. Not only is he very quick in his response, his eloquence is first-rate, but he is very good at taking care of people's feelings. Even chasing girls at the beginning was very different.

He told a story like this: when he was chasing girls, he knew that his girlfriend liked a pair of shoes very much, but he didn't do anything special, but silently wrote it down, on his girlfriend's birthday I bought this pair of shoes at the time, and it’s not over yet, I put it on the street on the floor, and when my girlfriend came home and went upstairs, I saw a pair of my favorite shoes, I couldn’t put it down, I picked it up and walked home When she saw another one at the door, she knew that it was prepared by her boyfriend, which made her very pleasantly surprised, and added a little more to her love for Brother Han.

It's true that women like gifts, but in fact, the essence of women's liking of gifts is that when they see gifts, they will feel that men care about her, care about her, and think about her, which makes her have a strong sense of vanity and existence. 

Sweet love words, this is also a big trick that girls can't resist. Women are hearing animals, they are hard to resist the sweet words and secret words of men, and they will exist in a woman's mind forever, making her unforgettable. If you can package what you want to say to her most, and say it more beautifully, a woman will love you more deeply.

A story I heard: The female boss once left a bag of documents in the other party's office after a meeting. She called the personable marketing manager and asked: "May I ask if something fell in your office? ?" The other party said sincerely and softly: "Yes! Your beautiful image." She, who has read countless people and is well-informed, will never forget this sentence.

Unexpectedly creating unexpected surprises is naturally an unstoppable trick for women. Flowers are very old-fashioned for women, but they are very effective. When Taiwanese actress Hu Huizhong was filming an advertisement, a mysterious man presented 3,600 roses at once, which made her very coquettishly said: "Look! Having so many roses made me feel dizzy and have the urge to get married."

What women need is attention, love, romance, etc., and flowers represent these, almost meeting the needs of all women. But we are not as generous as local tyrant stars. Usually sending a bunch of small flowers can make her happy. Don't worry, girls love flowers, especially at the moment of receiving flowers.

Summarize the above points to create surprises for girlfriends: first, you must understand women's preferences, know what they like and what they don't like, and secondly, you must understand romance, learn to create surprises by surprise, and if you really don't know what surprises to give, send them Let's spend it, girls can't stand it, and you can also go online to see some ways to create romance to make women feel sweeter!

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