How to make dried flowers? Which flowers are suitable for dried flowers?

Make a great dried flower

Keep the time, no thanks

Live potted plants are too energy-intensive, and many people can't keep them well

Dried flowers are well served

Especially suitable for lazy people who love flowers and don't want to worry about it

No watering, no maintenance

Once the posture is set, it will never change

Therefore, dried flowers are also called immortal flowers.

The aroma of dried flowers generally lasts for half a year to a year in a semi-closed environment

Dried flowers are divided into dried bouquets and dried vases

Xiaobian first show you how to make a dried bouquet

There are at least 6 ways to make dried flowers

Only the simplest suspension method is introduced here

Hang the bouquet in a dry and ventilated place

After ten days and a half months, it will be done.

But if you really think it's over

then wrong

There is also a difference between hanging and hanging

Different hanging places will directly affect the shape of dried flowers

Like hanging against the wall like this

After drying, the shape of the flower is flat on one side, not three-dimensional

best hung

in a place out of direct sunlight

good ventilate

It's winter, the north can hang near the heater

Better results

As for what to hang the flowers with

This is rather random

Can be fixed with a small clip

Can also be tied with twine

It is not impossible to use iron wire

But no matter what

Be careful not to bundle up like this

Otherwise the stems under the rope will rot.

Still take the above picture as an example

The way these red roses are tied is also wrong

The flowers are too concentrated

When it dries, it will look squished

The following sixteen use the way of drawing to start from the beginning

Prepare materials:

cut flowers


wire or

hemp rope or

clip or

Any thin material that can bind flowers

trim the flowers

Take roses as an example

Only two or three leaves are left.

Wire three to five roses together

tell everyone

Here, there must be a staggered height between the flowers and the flowers

Otherwise, the flowers will not be round after drying

Then you can hang the bundled bouquets up.


wait quietly

About a week to half a month

Dried flowers are ready

Kind of like wet and dry toilet paper

except for roses

Many flowers can also be made into dried flowers

Lavender, Eucalyptus, Daisies, Carnations

Pink Quartz, Thousand Days Red, Violet, Rose


And forget-me-nots and golden balls that turn into dry flowers no matter how wet they are

have to be aware of is

The darker the flower, the darker the dried flower.

For example, white becomes beige

Big red will turn black purple

like this blue hydrangea

The finished dried flower becomes a deep ink blue

Again, dehydrate quickly

If the dehydration is slow

Dried flowers will lose their color

Conversely, the faster the dehydration

The more color is retained, the brighter the dried flowers will be

Natural dried flowers are a concept that is different from artificial dried flowers

The color of natural dried flowers comes from nature

The color of artificial dried flowers is artificial coloring

On the left is the dried flower with artificial coloring added

The right is made of pure natural

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Every girl has a dream full of flowers

Make a bunch of dried flowers

Make life worthwhile, even on the coldest days

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