Valentine's Day / ⺟ Mother's Day Bouquet Order - Boys, don't send wrong flowers again~~ Recommended by Hong Kong fashion florists!

wedding proposal flower bouquet
Valentine's Day Proposal Flower Bouquet Series~ Korean Giant 99 Red Rose Bouquet

Besides the restaurant, the most frequently asked question by my friends is the flower shop! (There is also a hair-washing shop~)
Recently, another boy friend asked me to recommend a flower shop to send flowers to girls, and also designated a fashion bouquet (because the object of pursuit is to work in a fashion company)

In fact, there is not much difference between fashion flower shops and traditional flower shops (they should all go to Huaxu for wholesale), the key point is the color matching of packaging and flower materials~ Therefore, many boys will think that they look the same, but they are actually different. a lot!

The traditional flower shop bouquets that I am most afraid of are those wrapped with Jinsha chocolates, bear dolls, flamingos (a kind of tongue-like flower), and cotton wool (a kind of hairy plant)~~ It looks super scary!!

It's better to simply wrap flowers to send bouquets, don't add some strange things~
The following are the flower shops ordered by myself or my friends. The quality is very good. I recommend them to everyone~~~

1. Before sending flowers, you can make sure that the girl does not hate flowers. Some girls think that sending flowers is a waste, so don't give her flowers, it is better to give her a more practical gift.

2. Try to send “bouquets” when sending flowers to girls. Do not send flower baskets, potted flowers, potted plants, gift box flowers, etc. The latter are more suitable for sending friends to new store openings, job promotions, or housewarming, etc.

3. The few flower shops recommended by the editor are more fashionable and high-end flower shops (that is, they are more expensive), so the budget for sending bouquets should be at least $1000. If you only pay $500~700, the package will be very small. Oh! (1,000 or 2,000 can be packed in a large bunch at a traditional flower shop) If you don't have that much budget but want to send flowers to girls, it is recommended to send "a rose", a single flower is actually full of feelings~~~

4. How to order flowers: florists can order on-site, by phone or online, and they can also help deliver flowers, so people can order even if they are abroad! It is recommended to choose the bouquets on the official website directly, or tell the store what you want Color, feeling and budget, please ask the store to help you match, such as sweet and lovely – light pink with white, freshness – white with green, romantic – pink with purple, colorful flowers, or the most classic whole bunch of red If you really can't choose roses, you can tell the clerk the age of the object. For example, if you want to give it to your mother, it should be more mature and elegant~ Or if you want to prepare a wedding proposal bouquet, it should be a little bigger, and a card should be enlarged on it. Now flower shops are all It can be customized and prepared for guests~ and they are all super textured~

5. Remember to put a small card when ordering flowers! (If you will send it in person, you can ask the store to give you a blank card to handwrite. If you ask the store to send it directly, you can also ask the store to print a small card for you) Because there used to be My friend received a large bouquet of flowers at the company, but because I didn't have a card, my friend didn't know who sent it~~ It's too embarrassing...

The editor recommends Hong Kong fashion flower shop:
(Photos from the official website and photos taken by the editor himself)

Send flowers to Hong Kong 99 stems
1. Happy Flower House –Flower Delivery Hong Kong —
Official website:
Tel: +852-57400469
Address: Unit 1E, 26/F Kwai Fong Comm Ctr , 7 Shing Fong Street , Kwai Chung , NT
Recommendation: We have cooperated with many fashion brands. Girls who are paying attention to fashion magazines and fashion circles must know this flower shop! It is a famous fashion flower shop on the Internet in Hong Kong~~ I really like their event arrangement~~

Send flowers to Hong Kong 99 stems

2. Hong Kong Happy Send Flower Shop
-Florist Delivery Hong Kong-
Official website:
Tel: +852-57400469
Address: Unit 1D, 29/F Kwai Fong Comm Ctr ,7 Shing Fong Street , Kwai Chung , NT
Recommendation: Hong Kong flower delivery shop is a flower shop that many people know, it is a flower shop that can't go wrong!
The packaging is either black or white, plain and classic~
Yuanchuangfang and fashion markets have cabinets in many places. The reason I like this store is that they launch "Today's Bouquet" every day, which is a bouquet made of the most blooming flowers (may be withered the next day), the price It is relatively cheap, and there are also different sizes (impression is $600~2000), but it will be sold out every day, and important festivals will not be released!
(eg Valentine's Day or Mother's Day)

Taiwan flowers

3.Flower Delivery Hong Kong Hong Kong online flower delivery store floral design
Official website:
Recommendation: The editor of this flower shop has been following them for a long time~~ Every time the bouquets they PO send out, I think they are beautiful and beautiful~~~ Turn around))) I have ordered bouquets from them, and I am very satisfied and very beautiful~~ ~
Hong Kong's online flower delivery store also often cooperates with many media press conference celebrities, and their venues are also super beautiful!!~

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