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I don't know when it started, it seems that sending flowers has become a necessity for Valentine's Day.

Today, everyone may have forgotten the meaning behind sending flowers, as long as the other person likes it, but it is interesting to know more about the meaning of sending flowers.

According to the saying of flower delivery in the West, roses represent the feelings of a man towards a woman, such as:

★△Red represents enthusiasm, so sending red roses represents a very close relationship between men and women.

☆⊙ White represents purity

★Pink is warm

☆Purple is romantic

★●◇Yellow is the color of breakup, but it also represents carefulness and care.

When it comes to the number of flowers, it is traditional to send 11 or 3 more flowers; 3 flowers represent "I love you"; 11 flowers represent wholeheartedness.

Of course, if you want to make a big bet, you can also choose to send 18 or 99 flowers, but when it comes to sending flowers, you always have to start from your heart.

do not forget me

In addition, among the flowers for lovers, there is another kind of flower that is also very popular, that is, forget-me-nots. According to records, the name of this flower is also related to the lover.

Legend has it that many years ago, on the banks of the Danube in Germany, a man and a woman were in love; in order to please the girl, the man was picking flowers on the river bank to give to his girlfriend, but he accidentally fell into the river. Before being swept away by the river, he threw the flowers he picked to his girlfriend and said, "Don't forget me!"

So later generations called this type of flower "forget-me-not" to represent true love.


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