How many roses are suitable for marriage proposal?

Marriage proposals usually send a bouquet of roses, but many people don’t know how many roses are appropriate for the proposal. The rose bouquet for the proposal should not be too big or too small, and it should just fit in the hand. Therefore, 99 roses are used. And 33 roses are appropriate.

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1 rose represents only you in my heart, and only love you.

3 roses represent I love you, sincerely.

6 roses represent mutual respect, mutual love and mutual understanding.

9 roses represent lasting love.

11 roses represent wholeheartedness and love in the heart.

19 roses represent love forever.

33 roses represent three lives and three lives.

99 roses represent eternity.

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If you propose to marry with our professional flower arrangement, plus your sincerity to impress, I believe it will definitely be able to impress her. Because this is not an ordinary rose, it means the only true love in life. It symbolizes "love only one person in your life". True love does not require too many gorgeous vows, nor is it an ups and downs of love bridges. The ordinary companionship of a lifetime is enough to play the most magnificent chapter of life. If you have the courage, make this contract of love.

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