How to write birthday greetings with flowers? Wishes, friends, and elders!

On the birthdays of friends and relatives around us, we will send blessings! Sending flowers on birthday is a good way to send blessings. How to write blessings for sending flowers on birthday? The editor has collected birthday wishes for wives, friends, and elders for everyone, all in one go!

Birthday Flower Wishes for Wife

1. I wish my dear wife, happy birthday and good health! I am very happy to meet you, know each other, love each other, and stay together. Thank you for always supporting me by my side, you are my motivation, and I will definitely be more in the future. Work hard to make your life better and love you more every day!

2. Dear: On this special day, I can only think of you and love you silently with my heart. I just want to tell you: I will always love you deeply, everything about you is affecting me!

3. Thank God for giving me a special gift today, you. In the long journey of life, it is the happiness of my life to have you by my side. Happy birthday to you !

4. Mandarin ducks are in pairs, that is the taste of happiness; butterflies and butterflies are intoxicated, that is the taste of sweetness; you and I cuddle in this life, that is the taste of life. Dear, today is your birthday, may happiness surround you.

5. Wrap gifts with happiness, make cakes with sweetness, prepare red wine with romance, and light candles with happiness. Today is your birthday dear. May every heartbeat of mine become a shooting star and make all your wishes come true.

6. When you are drunk in your dreams, you will accompany you; if you are drunk in your heart, you will accompany you; if you are drunk in love, you will snuggle up with you; when you are drunk, you will be sweet. Dear, today is your birthday, may happiness chase you, and happiness surround you. happy Birthday!

7. You are the best woman I have ever met in my life, true love without complaint, accompany you to the end of the world, may your birthday be filled with endless happiness.

8. Time will never change my deep love for you. The passage of time will only make it deeper. Happy birthday to you, my love!

9. Today is your birthday, my love, thank you for your hard work, thank you for your care, understanding and support. Give you all my love!

10. I'm by your side every day, you don't have to miss you bitterly, and you don't have to love you sourly, just love you sweetly! Happy birthday my baby! ^_^

meet the most beautiful you

Material: High-end gift box Flowers: 11 purple roses, 0.3 tie of dark purple forget-me-not

Packing: Plain dyed paper - 2 sheets of light gray, 0.5 sheets of Sydney paper, 1 meter of silver-gray logo ribbon, magic iron mountain gray box (small)

Flower language: Meeting you is the most beautiful memory in my life. You are so precious and unique. Please accept my romance and true feelings.

birthday flowers wishes for friends

1. I pray that the grass in the depths of your heart will be green forever, youth will last forever, and your smile will always be open. Happy birthday, health and happiness!

2. Happy birthday, I wish you all your wishes, all your dreams, all your waiting, and all your hard work.

3. Familiar melody circles my heart again, warm candlelight flashes before my eyes again, happy songs sing for you, and dull days are wonderful because of you. Grasp happiness and enjoy life year after year. Happy birthday to you.

4. If there is a true friend in the world, it is a friend who cares as much as you do to me. My dear friend, happy birthday, good luck, health and happiness in the new year!

5. Every year flowers are similar, but every year is different. When I woke up, I realized that it was not a dream, and the wrinkles between my eyebrows were heavy again. On your birthday, I just want you to be happy!

6. I can’t say enough about the words I miss, and my caring heart will never change. A string of passionate and cordial blessings, a not-so-close relationship, sincerely wish you a happy birthday

7. You and I have known each other for a long time! Unforgettable is the pure friendship between you and me! Precious is the true love that will never change! I am happy to meet you! I present my favorite carnations and wish you a birthday.

8. The hot tea can warm the body, the heartfelt story can move the heart, and the sound of blessing can convey my feelings. Today is your birthday, I wish you a happy birthday and happiness!

warm greetings

Materials: High-end gift box Flowers: 11 stems of awakening, 2 stems of white lily, 9 stems of light pink carnations, 2 stems of white acacia

Packing: 1 green striped paper, 1 off-white flat paper, 1 meter of silver-gray ribbon, magic iron mountain gray box (large)

Flower language: carnation + lily, warm and pure, carnation + rose, expressing love for mother together. Warm heart, let the flowers transmit: Please take this most sincere blessing by your side, and let happiness always accompany you!

birthday wishes for elders

1. The ears are bright and the eyes are clear without worries, the smile is calm to life and business, and the old age has its own auspicious light, and the sunset of the crane dance is particularly red. I wish you: the pines and cypresses are evergreen, the sun and the moon are ever-bright; happiness is like the East China Sea, and longevity is like Nanshan!

2. A quiet and peaceful old age, a kind of rest, a kind of pleasure, a kind of supreme enjoyment! I wish you good luck as the East China Sea is as long as the flowing water, and longevity as long as the Nanshan is not old and pine!

3. You are a big tree, shielding us from wind and rain; you are the sun, bringing light to our lives. Dear father, I wish you good health and long life. happy Birthday!

4. The mother who lingers in my dreams, you are my supreme sunshine, and I will always remember your kindness of upbringing. On this mother's birthday, I wish you good health and happiness!

5. Happy birthday, mother, I really hope that there are words to express our gratitude, thank you for taking care of the housework every day, and for your help. May you always be happy and healthy in the years to come!

6. Today is a festive day. Today, after you have worked hard for decades, your children and grandchildren gather together to enjoy the happiness of the family. I wish you a happy birthday and a beautiful tomorrow!

7. When celebrating your birthday, it also evokes my endless memories: your care supports me through the difficulties of life; your teaching guides me to the ideal shore of life. Offer my most sincere wishes; I wish you always health and happy years!

8. Wide-ranging people live longer. You are 90 years old, but you are still full of energy, and you are a model of openness. We will meet. Today, when you are 100 years old, I will come to celebrate your birthday!

long-lasting health

Material: 99 big red carnations, 1 red carnation, 3 gardenia leaves

Packing: 3 sheets of black striped paper, 2.5 meters of light purple taro purple artificial paper, 2 meters of burgundy wide ribbon, 2 meters of opp English cellophane

Flower language: Slow down time, I don't want you to grow old again ~ I would like to use everything I have for you to stay for a long time.

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