It is good to order lace rooms online? There are many flowers in the eye, how to choose a bouquet in the flower shop to send flowers, and the service of the flower shop can be seen?

how to choose flowers

1. Freshness
Whether it is new or not is the most important thing for every consumer. The identification of freshness can be distinguished by checking whether the flower stalks are yellow, black, moldy, rotten, smelly or slippery. If the buds are dehydrated and moldy, of course they should be avoided. In addition, carnations on Mother's Day and roses on Valentine's Day can be used to detect whether the ice flowers are over-frozen from the tip of the outermost edge of the buds to see if they lose water and fade. Cut flowers of the same species have roughly the same lifespan after cutting, and those with buds are almost the same as those with a little bloom. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose those whose buds are not fully colored, regardless of the length of viewing period, in order to avoid the situation that the buds are too hard to bloom. Of course, don't choose flowers that are too blooming (unless they are given away immediately). It should be plump and elastic to the touch, with slightly open buds, firm branches and leaves, and fresh colors. Then touch the end of the flower stem to see if it feels sticky and slippery. If it is sticky and slippery, it means that it has been purchased for a long time.

2. Cleanliness

Check whether the water in the flower bucket is clean and whether there is any peculiar smell, because unclean water is easy to breed bacteria and affect the life of cut flowers.

3. Fertile period

Purchasing flowers in the peak season is not only fresh and cheap, but also of high quality and low price. Cut flowers are generally seasonal. As the climate changes in the four seasons, the quantity and quality of flowers will also change. This is why the roses in Pingtung in winter and the roses in Puli in summer are especially favored. Imported roses may be much more expensive than Taiwanese roses. The lifespan of each cut flower is different. For example, chrysanthemums can last more than a week, while roses can last no more than a week. You can choose according to the purpose of use.

4. Maturity
In order to have the most perfect performance, choose flowers with different blooming degrees on different occasions. For conferences, weddings, flower presentations, and opening ceremony, you should choose flowers that have bloomed larger to show joy and wealth; for viewing at home, worshiping Buddha, and visiting the sick, you can choose 4 or 5 blooms to be the best, and slowly appreciate the beauty and temperament of flowers .

5. Quality, price
Basically, quality is directly proportional to price. The price of different quality flowers may vary several times.

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