Hong Kong florist recommendation ~ 3 tips for ordering flowers

3 Tips for Ordering Flowers

1) Book in advance: do not crawl in a hurry

Although Valentine's Day is still a long time away, Qian Qi Mi Da'an decided to wait until a few days before to prepare. During Valentine's Day, the supply of flowers is very tight, and there may be no goods for you if you have the money until you order flowers on the eve of the festival. Moreover, many flower shops will launch early bird discounts, and there will be discounts for bookings in January, so they are all fast-handed and book early, so as not to have to flutter around when you get them.

2) Order flowers online

Men may feel that it is always embarrassing to go to the flower shop to pick flowers, so ordering flowers online is the most embarrassing! Many online flower shops in Jiajia provide online ordering services. The styles and prices of the bouquets are listed in the pictures. After selecting, click and order, which is convenient and fast!

3) Pay attention to flower delivery time

If Valentine's Day is a Weekday, for convenience, not many people will choose to ask a flower shop to send flowers to the office building. However, some flower shops do not set a designated delivery time on the day, or charge a designated delivery surcharge, plus Zhengri's business is too busy to stop, remember to ask the flower shop. If you don't want your girlfriend to wait until the afternoon to receive the flowers, you can also consider picking up the flowers in person a little earlier!

I see so many people are very attentive, but don't know what to choose?Go to our online platform to find flower shop services!


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