High-quality flower shop: help you express your heart on New Year's Day

High-quality flower shop in Hong Kong: help you express your feelings during the New Year and Valentine’s Day

Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day are approaching. Want to buy unique daffodils, gladioli and roses? The following Hong Kong flower shops will help you for a year365The most brilliant flowers are on display every day!

Always worried about choosing Valentine's Day, Birthday, Christmas, Anniversary bouquets...? There are so many styles of bouquets on the market that it’s always difficult to choose. In addition to fresh flowers, there are also dried flowers, preserved flowers, silk flowers... "There is no woman who doesn't like to receive flowers." Of course, there are no absolutes. But there is absolutely no woman who hates flowers! What kind of flowers are more popular with women and have more fashionable styles? Take a look at our recommendations below!

In addition to shopping at flower shops, many people now choose to buy at online flower shops. The style is relatively new and not like the traditional bouquet design. For example, you can customize it with your own name, which you can use on Valentine's Day, birthdays or anniversaries. Make your own bouquet!

Whether you are celebrating the Chinese New Year, preparing for Valentine's Day, or simply want to decorate your home or office, the bouquets produced by the following Hong Kong florists and shopkeepers will add color to your life.

Hong Kong flower shop recommendation: decoration, flower delivery, everything you need


Pollen is a small florist located in Soho, Hong Kong that creates unique and colorful bouquets for any occasion. In addition to wedding bouquets and moonflower services, we also love the selection of vases and vases in different sizes and shapes. I believe everyone who receives flowers made from pollen will be ecstatic!

Pollen: Staunton Street, Central52ANumber


If you are looking for a Hong Kong florist who can deliver flowers to you immediately, Bydeau is your best choice as this florist can deliver flowers to you on the same day as your order. In addition, Bydeau also provides moon flower viewing services, allowing you to enjoy the gorgeous sea of flowers all year round.

Bydeau:Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan235Number1CShop number

3. The Floristry

No matter what color or style of flowers you want to send, The Floristry will honor them and deliver them smoothly. Just choose the flowers you want and the utensils you like, and the florist will help you complete the rest of the procedures. If you want something more permanent, you might also consider a floral candle from The Floristry range.

The Floristry There are branches in Sheung Wan and Kam Tin.


Hong Kong flower shop Ellermann is synonymous with elegance and luxury! From luxurious flower baskets filled with rose champagne and chocolate truffles to bell jars filled with seasonal flowers, Ellermann is definitely one of your go-to florists for beautiful gifts.

Ellermann There are several branches in Hong Kong.

5.Flannel Flowers

Flannel Flowers, founded in 1994, is a luxury flower shop that cooperates with well-known brands such as LV and Cartier. This florist specializes in creating unique bouquets using flowers from around the world. Whether it's simple and cute flowers or mysterious and cool bouquets, Flannel Flowers can meet your needs.

Flannel Flowers There are branches in Central and Causeway Bay.

6. imperial flower shop

Royal Flower Shop is an online flower shop in Hong Kong. Not only is there free delivery to Kowloon and Hong Kong Island, but the flower baskets, ornaments and gift baskets made by the team are all exquisite. Just describe the bouquet you want to the clerk and they will arrange everything for you.

imperial flower shop:Huangpu Minyu Street36-40Wing Yip Building1buildingB1room

7. Flower Chimp

Want to make people happy? There’s nothing wrong with sending flowers or chocolates! Among Flower Chimp’s exquisite bouquets and products, its Trinity Boxes are the biggest highlight: the top layer is filled with various flowers, and the small cabinet buckets on the lower layer are filled with golden sand chocolates, which are not only pleasing to the eye, but can also satisfy your sweet tooth. In addition, Flower Chimp’s Fresh Love and Elegant Twist flower baskets are also popular.

8. Far East Flora(Far East Flower Co., Ltd.)

Want to show your love to your crush this Valentine’s Day? The 99 roses from the Far East are essential for confession! In addition to expressing your eternal love, you can also customize a bouquet at a florist, guaranteed to be unique.

Far East Flora: Wah Sing Street, Kwai Chung16-18No. Po Ying Industrial Building20buildingAroom

9. van der Bloom

From earthy tones to bold colors, van der Bloom creates gorgeous blooms for you or your partner. As long as you order products online, there will be flower delivery service. You can also go directly to its store in Huanhuan to pick up your own bouquets, which is very convenient.

van der Bloom:Hollywood Road, Central61Shop no.

10. hay fever

Although Hay Fever has a branch in Central, the flagship flower shop and coffee shop in Mong Kok Flower Market is still the best place to enjoy flowers and relax. First take a look at your favorite flowers, and then enjoy coffee in a fragrant environment. What a first-class experience!

hay feverThere are branches in Mong Kok and Central.

11. Happy flower delivery Hong Kong specialized flower shop Happy Flower House

Set up your own upstairs classroom at Prince's Flower Market | The purchasing team will search for flowers from all over the world every day for customers to choose from. The professional floral design team will create a gift bouquet that suits your needs, allowing you to express your most sincere affection.

In charge of florist at the American Academy of Floral Art in Hong Kong, former florist at agnes b, a popular international brand, with many years of experience in floristry

We personally select imported flowers every day and use European flower techniques and designs to create the flower gifts that customers have in mind.

Happy flower delivery Hong Kong specialized flower shop Happy Flower House There are branches in Central and Causeway Bay.

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