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Product Details

Use Ecuador's top imported immortal flowers (preserved flowers) flowers
Can be stored for 3 to 5 years without fading
With Bluetooth speaker function
Turn on the light while turning on the Bluetooth speaker

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⛔️Never use second-grade Kenyan roses ✔️All products use higher-grade Colombian (Colombia) roses/Ecuador (Ecuador) roses and other imported flowers (except for flower baskets or flower cards or where otherwise specified) ✔️Floral arrangements by the Hong Kong American Floral Academy Master in charge. ✔️The first time to choose your own flower delivery time

Why do we insist Colombia (Colombia) rose/Ecuador (Ecuador) rose as your first choice for flower delivery service?

Because they are so special!

Delicate flower-shaped outline and unique dazzling color petals, unparalleled exquisite bright and delicate texture, comparable to the top jewelry in the rose industry. Create enviable and exciting flower-giving moments for you, simply order flowers online and deliver flowers as gifts.

Let's first talk about Colombia, a country located in the northwest of South America. The roses imported from this place are rarely seen! Colombia is located near the equator and is the origin of the world's top cut roses. Natural conditions such as mountainous terrain and precipitation make the flowers here have longer stems, larger buds and brighter colors. There are not too many peculiar varieties, but the flower patterns are relatively free and good quality, and the import quantity is not large, so the market price has been high.

Ecuador's imported roses are often seen in top flower shops. In fact, Ecuador is very close to Colombia, and the terrain conditions and climate are similar, so the quality of roses in both places is very high. Ecuador is the only country whose capital is on the equator, and it has a tropical rainforest climate. The annual average temperature in Ecuador is between 18-29 degrees, regardless of the four seasons, only the "rainy season" and "dry season". What a perfect climate for flowers! These unique conditions make the roses produced in Colombia/Ecuador loved by flower lovers all over the world. product specification

Product size: 10cm × 10cm × 22cm
Product weight: 0.40kg
Package contains: eternal flower decoration, USB charging cable
Flower material selection: Ecuadorian rose
Container material: high permeability glass cover, straw fiber base
Battery type: Lithium battery
Charging time: 2 hours
Use time: 6 hours

Guidelines for use

Press and hold the gold button for 3 seconds to turn on the Bluetooth mode and lights simultaneously. After turning it on, search for and connect to'BS-01' with an electronic device. The effective range is 10 meters.

product maintenance

Precautions for maintenance of eternal flower (preserved flowers) products:
1. Avoid getting the flowers in water or touching them with your hands frequently.
2. Avoid exposing flowers to sunlight or strong lights.
3. Avoid letting the flowers blow air-conditioning directly or put them in the refrigerator.
4. A blower can be used to blow away the dust with low-speed cold wind.
5. Storage environment: humidity 40-65%; temperature 8-28℃.

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From February 9th to February 16th, only the Valentine's Day bouquet series will be available / From May 11th to May 14th, only the Mother's Day bouquet series will be available

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