My only one (Pink. True Love) Immortal Flower Bluetooth Speaker (Pink) (The base color will be shipped randomly: pink, white, black) (must be purchased with a bouquet of flowers to enjoy this special offer)


Special price plus purchase My only one single eternal flower bluetooth speaker, let memories last forever

(Must be purchased together with the flower bouquet to enjoy this special offer)

Product Details

Use Ecuador's top imported immortal flowers (preserved flowers) flowers
Can be stored for 3 to 5 years without fading
With Bluetooth speaker function
Turn on the light while turning on the Bluetooth speaker

In stock


Product specifications

Product size: 10cm × 10cm × 22cm
Product weight: 0.40kg
Package contains: eternal flower decoration, USB charging cable
Flower material selection: Ecuadorian rose
Container material: high permeability glass cover, straw fiber base
Battery type: Lithium battery
Charging time: 2 hours
Use time: 6 hours

Guidelines for use

Press and hold the gold button for 3 seconds to turn on the Bluetooth mode and lights simultaneously. After turning it on, search for and connect to'BS-01' with an electronic device. The effective range is 10 meters.

product maintenance

Precautions for maintenance of eternal flower (preserved flowers) products:
1. Avoid getting the flowers in water or touching them with your hands frequently.
2. Avoid exposing flowers to sunlight or strong lights.
3. Avoid letting the flowers blow air-conditioning directly or put them in the refrigerator.
4. A blower can be used to blow away the dust with low-speed cold wind.
5. Storage environment: humidity 40-65%; temperature 8-28℃.

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